Corporate Member Application

Corporate Membership: Provides memberships for up to 3 (active or associate) employees of the same company. Additional corporate members beyond the first 3 are $75 each.


Member Information

State License Information

Other Information

 Accident Reconstruction
 Armored Car/ Courier
 Arson Investigations
 Asset Investigations
 Aviation Investigations
 Background Checks
 Child Abuse/Custody Investigations
 Civil Investigations
 Computer Crimes Investigations
 Construction Investigations
 Corporate Investigations
 Crime Scene Investigations
 Criminal Investigations
 DUI Investigations
 Detention Facility
 Divorce Investigations
 Document Examinations
 Due Diligence Investigations
 Executive Protection
 Fingerprint Analysis
 Firearm/Ballistics Investigations
 Fraud Investigations
 Guard & Patrol
 Handwriting Analysis
 Homicide Investigations
 Industrial Accident Investigations
 Infidelity Investigations
 Insurance Fraud Investigations
 Intellectual Property Investigations
 Interviews & Interrogation
 Maritime Investigations
 Medical & Malpractice Investigations
 Missing Persons Investigations
 Mystery Shoppers
 Narcotics Investigations
 Personal Injury Investigations
 Polygraph Examinations
 Pre-Employment Screening
 Prenuptial Determinations
 Process Service
 Product Liability Investigations
 Property & Real Estate Invest.
 Security Consulting
 Security/Property Protection
 Sex Crime Investigations
 Skip Tracing & Locates
 Technology Investigations
 Theft Investigations
 Undercover Operations

I hereby apply for membership in GAPPI and agree to abide by the GAPPI Constitution, Bylaws and Code of Ethics. If applying as an active member, I hereby attest that I am licensed and in good standing with all applicable state licensing agencies. I attest that the information provided on this application is true and correct and understand that submitting false information will result in the revocation of my membership and loss of any fees. I understand, unless otherwise indicated, the information on this application will be available for publication and I agree to fully and completely hold harmless all parties in the release and use of such information.